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S.M. is 13 years old. She was rescued mid 2005 and has lived at the CCASVA safe house since. Her story is one of abject poverty, domestic violence and sexual abuse by her step father. Her home town is in a province 6 hours away from Phnom Penh.

S.M had been severely beaten by her parents because she wanted to go to school rather than beg on the streets. Her mother forced her to beg and sell coconuts on the streets, where she was found by CCASVA staff, in collaboration with police.



S.S. is a 8 year old girl.

She was founded and admitted by the CCASVA Safehouse in early 2007. She moved from her province with her parents to  Phnom Penh in 2003.

Her mother was a factory government worker and her father is unemployed, drinks a lot of alcohol and beats his wife and children. As a result og continual abuse her mother became sick, stops working and became suicidal. S.S. was earning a income for her mother working as a rubbish collector at the market.

Her father was in the process of trafficking her for ten dollars in a slum area before she was founded by CCASVA staff.



B. was 15 years old when he came to the Safehouse. He was founded by CCASVA staff in a market area following custody procedures with the police and authorities of the commune.

He was born in a Phnom Penh slum and both his parents are now deceased. At the time of admission to the centre he has been surviving on the streets in and around Phnom Penh for many years. As a result of family violence he speaks unclearly and has a poor memory-

School was never an option for B. as he never had the money to pay for classes, as is the custom in Cambodian government schools. He made a little money collecting and selling cardboard around the street markets.

He came to the center following repeated incidents of street violence, the most recent being robbed by street gangsters and receiving a 15cm wound in the shoulder from a machete. He had no money to treat the injury and although no infection affected the wound, he required extensive stitches and recovered.


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